Criminal Politicians In Politics!

Politicians of  India at present Lok Sabha has the unique distinction of having as many as 125 members with criminal background. Charges like murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion and the like are pending against many of them. The cases against them may remain pending for years. Adjournments may follow adjournments. Witnesses may not turn up, may turn hostile or may get eliminated.

There is no doubt that there are several good men in politics as in any other walk of life.The legislators, the ministers, chief ministers and senior officers pay them regular ransom to remain in power. For those in politics and administration, power for its own sake and for getting rich quick has become the supreme pursuit.
Politicians needed huge sums of unaccounted money for political activities, their parties, elections and for themselves. Nobody could pay his hard-earned, white, tax-paid money to the politicians; funds from the crime world came handy. Gradually, the politicians became subservient to the dons of the crime world.
As recently the BJP has accused the CBI of being influenced by the Government.  And on many instances like may it be Modi or Mayawati, many of the CBI investigations against politicians yields no result at all and it also may be so that the CBI officials are being influenced by higher officials who are running the government.
There are many cases where politicians like Amar Mani Tripathi, Lalu Yadav, Babloo Srivastava, who authorities say ran a sprawling kidnapping-for-ransom business from prison in Uttar Pradesh; Atiq Ahmed, a state politician now running for Parliament charged with 31 cases, including murder, kidnapping and fomenting communal violence, and Ramakant Yadav, whose charges include murder and attempted murder.
Goa Tourism Minister in murder controversy. The Goa crime branch has been asked to investigate the case after women’s rights groups alleged the minister may be involved in the death of 27-year-old Nadia Toreado.
In some states, particularly Bihar and the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, criminals are almost as much the rule as the exception in political circles. Some of the alleged crimes are rooted in politics – including the main accusation against Shahabuddin – but many are not.
Politicians with criminal records should be banned in elections?
Politicians who has their past in crime would able to make our future bright?
What do you think? 

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