CWG Under Shadow Of Corruption

Problem is that educated people never go for vote and poor people who go for vote don’t know the right person so the final outcome is people like kalmadi, shard pawar, Mayawati, shila diskshit. The Central Bureau of Investigation has received over 300 complaints pertaining to irregularities in awarding several tenders, construction work and acquiring accessories and logistics.

The complaints have been sent by contractors, employees in civic agencies, private persons and social groups.

The government feels Kalmadi’s exit just before the Games could be embarrassing for the country. But the Opposition and especially the BJP is likely to make the CWG corruption an issue in parliament on Wednesday.

Allegations of financial impropriety in dealings with AM FIlms, the British company that provided services used during the Queens Baton relay function. The Games Organising Committee has been facing flak for incomplete venues and there have been allegations of corruption in the entire organisation of the Games.

How about on a chair being hired by Mr Kalmadi and his cohorts at Rs 8,378 apiece? Or how about cooling yourself off with a drink from a 100-litre refrigerator which the Congress politician and his colleagues are hiring for Rs 42,202 each?

Disclosures of lavish spending on just hiring treadmill, a fridge or even chairs for 45 days for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi have stunned people, already shocked by photos of leaking roofs and mounds of rubble near newly built stadiums.

Suresh Kalmadi and his Commonwealth Games organising panel paid as rent for a treadmill? They are paying Rs 9,75,000 in taxpayer money just to hire a treadmill for a month and a half. The very best treadmill, Harrods of London can be bought for £10,000, or about Rs 7 lakh.

Why is that a person who steals Rs 10 gets slapped by the police and put in lockup immidiately and the person who steals crores roams freely?
Why we pay tax just to fill corrupted politicians pockets?

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