Dengue, Doctors, Pathologies & Patients

Dengue cases showed no signs of declining in the nation. In Delhi the number of patients affected by the vector-borne disease raised to 4,244 today. This has been a particularly dangerous year for dengue fever. Delhi reported 68 new cases of dengue Wednesday. Some hospitals, doctors and pathologies are making false reports to earn money. Mismanagement prevailed at government hospitals. Are we safe?

The city has recorded nearly 700 dengue cases in the last 10 days. It is believe that these numbers are crossed as we count for the nation.

Doctors and private pathologies are earning and making wealth. There are many cities and towns where private pathologies are making fake reports so that they can earn money. They are taking benefit of this critical situation. In some cities doctors are also involved  in cheating common people.

Let me tell you my true story. We took my Mother-in-law to the hospital of Meerut where firstly doctor saw the reports in which her plateletts were around 21000. Doctor said she is fine you can take her home. Give her bed rest, proper food and juices. She will be fine.

He took some time and said that let me take a test first reports came in evening which showed that plateletts were growing. Doctor came and said it may happen that plateletts may come down tomorrow, we took another test once again the reports showed the plateletts were growing.

Doctor came and said let her be here for one or two days in observation. After few hours we came to know that the reports are made accordingly they were not true. We came back that day only and took another test in another pathology which showed that my Mother-in-law was fine nothing was wrong with her.

The hospitals are in very bad condition, there is no cleanliness. Bathrooms, Water Filters all are in bad conditions. In day time the patients will be seen sleeping on floors and passages in the hospitals. The doctors are coming late for the check up.

This was my true story i would like to know your true story too.

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