Dhobi Ghat – By Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan Productions’, DHOBI GHAT is written & directed by Kiran Rao. The film is jointly produced by Aami Khan &  Kiran Rao.

DHOBI GHAT  is the story of four people from very different backgrounds, whose worlds intersect and leave them forever altered. As they find themselves drawn into compelling relationships, the city finds its way into the crevices of their lives, separating them even as it brings them closer..

Gustavo Santaolalla – Argentine musician who has won two Academy Awards for Best Original Score in two consecutive years, for Brokeback Mountain in 2005 and Babel in 2006 - for the music of Dhobi Ghat.
The film stars Aamir Khan, Prateik Babbar, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra essentially.
Other star cast include Kitu Gidwani, Ashok Varma, Nafisa Khan, Danish Hussain, Jehan Manekshaw, Sanjivani Oagle,  Aasha Pawar, Jyoti Pawar, Babita Sehgal, Jitendra Shinde, Rohit Tiwari.

Aamir Khan as Arun – Painter who resides alone.

Prateik Babbar as Munna – Dhobi who dreams to be an actor

Monica Dogra as Shai – Banker & Photographer

Kriti Malhotra – Yasmin

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