Dowry…….! A Sin For Women……….

We have reached in 21st century but now also people ask dowry. In past years dowry was asked as gifts from brides family to grooms family,along with the giving away of the bride ( Kanyadaan) in  Indian. Kanyadanam is an important part of  Hindu marital rites. Kanya  means daughter, and dana means gift. Dowry means “Dahej” in Hindi. Dowry was legally prohibited in year 1961. Dowry not only includes money but also cars, investments, electronics, and now a days people from groom ‘s family demand for a highly well organised and huge wedding and ceremonies too.

There are many women’s who have suffered many miseries and harassment’s of their In-law’s just because that their demands were not fulfilled. Brides parents some times are not able to fulfill all the demands of groom’s family and due to that the girl suffers or sometimes she has to pay her life. In some cases we can see that girl is burn and is shown that she committed suicide. There are many cases where bride is harassed in such a way that she commits suicide instead of fighting against the injustice happened to her. Some women’s are harassed if they give birth to a girl.

In some cases groom and his family is threatened if they file a case against them. Even  police doesn’t file case easily against the accused. Sometimes accused try to settle the case out of court and try to escape from the punishment.
Not only dowry is asked in marriages, but in other religious or children birth occasions are not counted less then dowry. When a boy is born grooms family asks for gifts, money, gold  or silver items for their relatives and for themselves. Dowry has taken many lives of women and unborn girl child in women’s womb.

LUCKNOW:  For nineteen-year-old Rinki dreams of a happily married life was never to be. Barely a month after her marriage, she was allegedly tortured and then set ablaze by her in-laws for dowry in Indiranagar. 

HAVERI: Jyoti, daughter of Chandrashekhar Byadagi, married to Ajjappa Siddappa Kaginelle in Guttal village (Haveri taluk) had taken her life after being allegedly harassed by her husband Ajjappa, mother-in-law Kotravva, sister-in-law Nagavva and father-in-law Siddappa for more dowry.

There are many cases like these it is believed as that in every 12 hour a women is burn just for dowry. People should think and not accept the demands if asked by the groom and his family. Brides parents should deny and sue a case against the grooms family if they ask for dowry. Demand increases as one demand fulfills another is on the way, and these demands sometimes make a man greedy.

Why people don’t think once also when they fulfill such dowry demands? It seems that they are selling their daughter and not marrying her. Grooms parents should think that if the same thing happens to their daughter then what they would do?

Why a woman is blamed if a girl is born?

Why brides family give Dowry to grooms family?

Are our sisters and daughters for sale?

Who is responsible for dowry girls parents or boys family?

What you would do if dowry is asked from your daughters in-laws?

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  1. dowry system is one of the social evils that exists and will cont too unless a very strong action is take!
    its really sad that even when india is undergoing such huge development still we are unable to finish these evils…
    these evils are a poison…
    we must take action against these atleast start from ourselves 1st..then neighbours and then society…


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