Fighter Pilot Reacts to TOP GUN: Maverick Trailer # 2

A few notes since this video has been out:
Sure Tom Cruise flew in an actual jet for lots of those scenes. No he wasn’t within the entrance seat. Sure a lot of the flying is actual. No it is not all actual. I used CGI interchangeably with put up manufacturing/modifying/splicing. I ought to’ve been extra clear. A number of the scenes could also be solely spliced, some could also be CGI, some could also be simply put up manufacturing magic. However the scenes on this video the place I stated had been CGI (generically):
– The cockpit shot (particularly, not the exterior shot) exhibiting Cruise beneath the Hornet after the “Cobra.” There may be zero probability that’s actual as a result of A) It is an E mannequin within the exterior shot which is single seat and B) They would not enable that stunt to be completed with a fam rider.
– The “Maverick splits the formation.” The 2 jets are in cruise formation (a number of hundred ft aside). The Navy is not going to threat a midair and balling up three jets for a film. That is clearly completed in put up, whether or not it is CGI or in any other case, I dunno.
– The 2 jets rolling. I actually do not know on this one whether or not it is CGI, put up manufacturing magic to make two jets look nearer collectively, or in any other case. The percentages of them being this shut collectively are fairly low. Even the Blue Angels do not do maneuvers like this whereas rolling as a result of there is a excessive threat of killing one another once you’re cover to cover.
– SR-72/Aurora and F-14 are clearly CGI
– Maverick to start with within the E mannequin is unquestionably CGI. Tom Cruise solely did again seat fam rides within the Tremendous Hornet (F mannequin).

Individuals have additionally gotten caught on my “Coaching Guidelines” feedback. I meant that vs actual life, not by way of filming. These are scripted formation maneuvers, so the coaching bubble would not apply. What I am saying is that in an actual coaching atmosphere, you’d by no means be this shut, however that is for a film and it the jets NEED to be shut for the viewer. I am not saying they would not enable jets to be inside 500′. We fly inside of three’ in fingertip on a regular basis.

With all of that stated, I’m EXCITED about this film. I cannot wait to see it. Individuals requested for a response video going over “what’s actual” and that is what this was meant to be. I am unable to wait to see it, and I do not see any points in any respect with having a bit of CGI/modifying/no matter to make it extra thrilling in locations the place it merely wasn’t possible to have the jets do what they wanted with out buying and selling paint.

Hope that clears issues up. Thanks for watching!
Unique Description:
The second TOP GUN: MAVERICK trailer is out! As requested, here is my response to it. I am unable to watch for this film!

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