Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

The Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games will start from today 12th Nov 2010. 45 Asian nations will join this event in 42 different sports. he opening and closing ceremonies are to be held on Haixinsha Island, which is a tiny, peanut-shaped island in the Pearl River Estuary located about 15 kilometers.

The opening ceremony of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games on Haixinsha Island begins precisely at 20:04 (8:04 PM) on the 12th of November.

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), will award 3,989 medals as Games officials detail the awards ceremony for 476 events.

Each of the award ceremony elements have been beautifully  prepared to the finest details include all of the medals, certificates, flowers, awards platform, pallets and background boards used as well as specific sizes for each national flag, timed national anthems and opening award ceremony music.

There are 39 Asian Games ceremony work teams with 1,166 workers, 146 team workers, 380 awards etiquette staff, 250 flag-raising staff and 390 general volunteers.

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