Housewife Or Working Wife- What does man prefer?

How many percent of man’s prefer housewife’s or working wife after marriage? In India why many families think about a homely wife who looks after his home?

Before marriage, a girl doesn’t have much to do as her parents take care of everything so she can look after her career. But after getting married, the girls priority is to look after home.
But now a days girls have become more career oriented and independent they work and handle equally balanced way. They are supported by their husband and family too. They not only fulfill their dreams but also help their family financially.
In India it is believed that you marry a family and not a person. And Traditionally daughter-in-laws are supposed to take care of the household…they have to take care of entire family.
What should be the main priority to think of when it comes to family and career should be left to the women. Both are important, being an mother she has to take care of family and to be successful in her career she need to work hard and concentrate on her work as well.
In our country, the clash of interests and ego has crumbled down the financially insecured joint family’s ancient system. young couples do not live as members of a joint family. They form nuclear families away from parents. The family expenditure in most cases requires that both of them work. It is more so in cities where the cost of living is high. Very few middle class families can avoid this. Where both the members are working, there is bound to be lack of time together. Once there are kids, they have either to shift the burden on in-laws, in case they have living with them or to leave jobs for some time. Even working women abroad call their mothers to do baby sitting instead of paying large amount to baby sitters! Lack of mother’s constant attention can affect the upbringing of children. They have to while away their time after school if the mother is away on job. They have little attachments to other family members.
Apart from taking good care of the husband and children, she also wants to have a well-paid job in order to be able to contribute at a good maintenance of the household but, at the same time, to be independent from her husband financially.
There are husbands who help their housewife in household works too. They support their wife as they love ech other and understand each other.
How many percant of man’s believe that woman should work after marriage?
How many husbands support their wife?

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