How Much Corrupted You Are?

How much corrupted you are? In India 70 to 75% there is corruption at each level from bottom to top, from village to metro cities, from politics to peon. Shanmugam Manjunath or Satyendranath Dubey or Collector Yeshwant Sonawane are the few persons who were exposing the corruption happening in our country but they were mudered as they raised their voice. Is this the cost of truth today!

Cereals which are provided in schools for mid-day-meal is sold before they reach to kids. At schools bribe are taken as donations. People who raise their voice against this evils are killed. They are paid their loyalty with the reward of murder.
How many of us raise our voice against corruption? No one of us. Yes! Because if we pay something as bribe than we charge from someone. In every corner of our country we can see corruption on peak. No one works without taking bribe, Why? At Traffic signal if we break the rule then the matter is solved by bribery.
It is easy to be bad but it is very hard to be good?
How many of you are ashamed that you are corrupted? I think none because its not only you but the whole system is corrupted.
There is lack in our judiciary system too. If we need justice we have to wait for years and years and at last when justice comes person is dead. In politics it is very easy to find out politicians who are accused. There are very few politicians who are clean and want to work for progress our country instead of their own.
Behind every scam, scandal, violence, murder or accident of political leaders, bomb blast, terrorist attack the politicians and its alliance are involved. Take live example of Samjhauta Express and accused in it is Swami Aseemanand.
Military man’s were known that they fight for our country but now some have made very bad name due to their illegal works.
Politicians who have cases running in courts should be allowed in elections?
Today Congress Party are the operators of corruption and crimes in the country?

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