How Much Real Are Reallity Shows?

How real are these reality shows? Whether it is Bigg Boss, Dance show,or Singing show. These shows have captured the attention of youngsters, and elders. As these reality shows are competition for money. The bigger the audience, the more money the shows make.

In every season of Bigg Boss controversial people are invited. The basic recipe remains the same as daily soaps: Flirting, betraying, tears, bitching and screaming. These types of shows are getting more and more popular and people seem to watch them with their mouths wide open.

Dolly Bindra shouts, screams, on every person at home. How anyone can be such rude? Its real or scripted?

It is also believed that the reality shows are scripted. In some shows those people are brought into house who have clashes or don’t like each other.

A few very well known reality shows are listed below;-

. MTV Roadies
. Rakhi Ka Swayamvar
. Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaega
. Dare To Date

There are many more such shows which are reality. We can never be sure of how much is real and how much is not. As far as they keep entertaining us no one wants to know the back story.

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