How Much Safe Are You On Your Honeymoon?

Honeymoon a period where new married couples spend their time together and try to know each other. A time which is very special and last in memories forever. But this special time may become terrible or horrifying too.

A fairytale wedding in Mumbai followed by honeymoon in picturesque Cape Town, South Africa, ended on a tragic note for Anni Dewani. The 28-year-old bride, who was of Indian origin but grew up in Sweden, was raped and murdered near South Africa.

South Africa has one of the worst crime rates in the world. Last year, there were 13 902 carjackings in South Africa, down from 14 915 in 2008-09.

In India many cases are recorded where couples are either robbed or cheated or misguided. In many case people are cheated by travelers or tour agencies.

While on honeymoon people are relaxed but they should check the bathrooms, bedrooms and each place. It may happen that any camera is hided and some of your personal moments are captured.

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