Is This The Way India Will Shine?

For Politicians who are filling their accounts by cheating poor people, for Rich people who can afford everything, for Police who is involved in crime India is shining. But people who cannot afford meal for one time, for people who pay tax honestly and for people who are fighting for justice India is not shining.
Still people live on streets and slums.
Still women are harassed and killed for dowry.
Still people have to please police to make FIR.
Still some villages are without electricity, and Pucca roads.
Still people die on road and no one comes for help.
Still Childrens beg on red lights.
Still parents kill their kids for the sake of fake honour.
Still we spend hours in traffic jams.
Still we bribe officers for our work to be done.
Still we face problem in making admission for our kids without donation.
Still womens are harassed in offices by colleagues and bosses.
Still mens tease womens in busses, trains and on roads.
Still politicians are cheating people but they are still in government.
Still girls are murdered if she says no to a guy.
When their will be a change?
For bringing change we all have to come together and protest against all evils.

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