Junk Food Controlling Our Minds

Fast Food is like the necessity of today’s lifestyle. Kids and youngsters eat junk food as it is spicy, fast to eat and is easily available at all places. Junk food contains lots of fats and carbohydrates which are harmful for every one if eaten daily. Junk food does not contain any nutrients which are beneficial for your health. When a person consumes junk food in excess a major portion of blood in the body is diverted to the intestine. As a result, a person feels drowsy and suffers with less concentration. You may suffer from Heart disease, Lever failure, Diabetes, you may gain extra weight and that can too cause many problems.

Foods  like Pizza, Burger, Chowmein, Chips and every thing which is considered as fast food contains fats, oils and carbohydrates. Kids eating fast food in their school canteen or outside school may lead your child ill. Kids may suffer from health problem in early age. Junk foods such as candy, chips, popcorn, candy bar, french fries, sodas, etc., are usually added with chemical preservatives and synthetic vitamins. They are also low in essential vitamins and minerals which are needed for energy, cell growth and development. These are some of the many reasons why junk food is bad for us.
Consuming junk food just to save money and time in small amount does not create any problem but if junk food taken regularly in long run it may happen that you have to suffer health problems in future. Junk food may be delicious in taste but it is not nutritious or healthy.
It is better to eat healthy and remain fit and far from disease and health problems. Fruits and salads are healthy, energy giving, and keeping a person fit. Eat healthy and be healthy. A healthy food may always keep you and your family healthy. Junk food controls our mind and make us lazy, tired and unhealthy.Eating unhealthy food makes beautiful and well structured body fat.

You love being slim and trim or fat?

You love being healthy or unhealthy?

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