Kasab Announced Death Sentence But Still Time For It, Why?

Ajmal Kasab, watched via video- conference as the Bombay High Court confirmed his death sentence for waging war against India with the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in 2008.

Kasab – the only terrorist caught alive during the 26/11 terror attacks – was sentenced to death last year by a trial court in Mumbai.

The Bombay High Court found that Kasab and his partner, Abu Ismail, killed 56 innocent people. Kasab, the judges said, was solely responsible for 7 deaths, including three of Maharashtra’s senior-most policemen.
Kasab has been kept in a special bomb-proof and bullet-proof cell at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail. Rs 45 crore has been poured into his security, which includes special jail and hospital cells. Since the daily expenditure is Rs 9 lakh.
The terrorist can now appeal in the Supreme Court against verdict. And he has one more option after that to appeal in front of President for mercy.
Imagine him eating biryani everyday when the families of the people he killed trying hard to have two meals a day. 
How can he get chance to appeal again and again?
Our farmers will die of hunger and these terrorists will live royal life behind the bars isn’t that sad?

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