Mayawati’s Officer Wipes Her Shoes And What About Crime?

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati likes hospitality in its elegance. In the meantime someone should clean her shoes she does not mind. Oaraia district reached the village Achalada Mayawati as her helicopter landed down an officer involved in their protection put his handkerchief to clean out and Mayawati’s sandals.
Even if they are against social decorum is certain that Mayawati had to get comfortable trip by getting your sandals clean.
Mayawati, who is on a tour of various districts of the state to review development activities as her car was about to move, about half a dozen women began raising slogans and tried to block its passage.
The women alleged that a minister in the Uttar Pradesh cabinet was responsible for the death of the husband of one of the protesters and the father of another.
The crimes are increasing in Uttar Pradesh and no one is able to take any strong action against these things. Mayawati as usual remain silent and sees all things happening.
Mayawati being lady CM she is not able to keep girls safe in her own state!
Mayawati is dalit and girls from her communities are raped and she is not able to do anything? 

Mayawati’s Money Maya!

Apna Sapna Money Money…….. Mayawati’s Dream!

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