Mercy killing for Aruna…. Do You Agree?

Aruna Ramachandra Shanbaug, a nurse of the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai who is in coma for the past 38 years after she was raped by a staff sweeper who wrapped a dog chain around her neck and yanked the victim with it on November 27, 1973…..

But  finding that she was menstruating, indulged in anal sex. To immobilize her during this act, he twisted the chain around her neck and fled the scene after the committing the heinous offence.

The hospital asked the court to reject the plea, saying its doctors alone had the right to decide her future.
She can neither see nor hear anything nor can she express herself or communicate in any manner, whatsoever, Pinky Virani, who is Aruna’s friend said in her plea for mercy killing.
Thanks for the KEM hospital for took care for of 37 years.
The women has been suffering for 37 years for no fault.
Court should give euthanasia to Aruna?
Is this the way we call Living?

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