Mother Flung Baby Out Of Hospital Window

A 28-year-old Deepika Parmar threw her one-month-old daughter out of the KEM Hospital’s bathroom on Tuesday. She threw her baby out of the window of a toilet and then claimed that she had been stolen.

Deepika had given birth to seriously underweight twins – a girl and a boy – about a month and a half ago. The premature twins were brought to the hospital from Dahisar, where they were delivered in a nursing home.

Around 4.40 am yesterday, as patients and relatives in the ward were still asleep, Parmar went into the bathroom with her baby girl in arms, but she was seen without the baby empty handed as she came back from bathroom. This can be clearly seen in CCTV footage of the ward where she was admitted.

Parmar raised an alarm that her daughter was missing. The hospital authorities went on a wild chase. Parmar’s act came to light when security attendants checked-out the CCTV footage to track down the baby’s whereabouts.

The footage showed that she had something in her hands while going to bathroom but she came empty handed this was where she came into a question. When she was asked she made an excuse or other as she was pressurized she said the truth.

Her husband Manish, who is a tailor, said, “We were more than happy with our twin babies, especially after two miscarriages she had earlier. I don’t know why she did this.” 

Being a girl is crime?

What was the fault of the infant?


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