Naxal’s More Powerful Than ………CRPF ?

In the country’s worst Maoist attack ever, at least 75 CRPF and a state police personnel were killed in an ambush on April 6, in the thick Mukrana forests of Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district. The CRPF party, returning after a three-day anti-Maoist operation, were taking a break at around 6 am after travelling all night, when they were ambushed by up to 1,000 Maoists positioned on neighbouring hill top. The Naxals – aware of the CRPF movement – executed their attack with fierce precision, giving the jawans no chance to react. They blew up an anti-landmine vehicle and then began firing indiscriminately. The shocked and exhausted jawans weren’t able to follow standard operating procedures like checking the road for landmines, and were massacred within minutes. The Naxals also managed to loot all the weapons that the CRPF team had.

It is heard that our CRPF man’s didn’t had sufficient arms, ammunition and lack of information about such attacks. How long  government will play with lives of our forces?The blood of these poor soldiers will always stand as blackest mark on Indian History.
Naxals  fired indiscriminately, bullets were showered on the jawans from every direction from treetops, from behind, whichever way the security men tried to take cover they were boxed and butchered.
Chidambaram reportedly met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh taking “full responsibility” for the Dantewada attack on a CRPF patrol party and offered to step down. Many leaders had been maintaining that Maoists were our own people and so they should not be dealt with in the same firm way as one would deal with terrorists.
There was not only lack of arms, but also there was no information of such attack by Maoists. Around 1000 Maoists attacked on CRPF team with huge planning and plotting 76 CRPF man’s were killed.
Taking responsibility or giving resignation is the only solution?
Giving resignation can bring back life of CRPF team?
Do our forces have proper arms to fight against Maoists and Terrorists?

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