Now Luxury cars will be costlier in Chandigarh

Buying a luxury car like Mercedes, Audi or BMW is going to cost you more in Chandigarh. The luxury cars in Chandigarh will be costlier than in Punjab but cheaper than in Haryana.

Haryana charges eight per cent road tax on cars costing overs 20 lakh while Punjab levies two per cent road tax on the cost of vehicle.

The Haryana government raised the road tax on cars substantially on January 13 with a maximum rate of tax imposed on cars costing above Rs. 20 lakh.

In Haryana, road tax of two per cent is being charged on car costing up to 5 lakh while four per cent on car valuing between 10 lakh, six per cent on cars costing more than 10 lakh up to 20 lakh and eight per cent on cars valuing more than

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