Pairs Made In Heaven But Marriages Broken On Earth:-

It is said that pairs are made in heaven and marriages are executed on earth. In ancient period marriages decision were taken by elder person’s in the house, but now a day’s as teenager’s cross their teens they take decision by their own. As they believe that they are mature enough to decide better for their life. Marriages in past were as religious ceremony but now a days it has become as if show off of status and standard of living.

Arrange marriages are just loosing its importance. In ancient period marriages were arranged by elders and there was no system of meeting a groom before marriage but as time passes certain beliefs also changed with time. Now arrange marriages take place but the decision is taken by boy and girl. They meet, talk, spend time with each other and if feel compatible then take a step forward. In love marriages as the boy and girl knows each other from long time they decide to get marry.

Today marriages don’t last for long time because of modern living style, work, independence, boundations in relations according to individual. A relation doesn’t work from one side it is important that both bride and groom understand their responsibility and have faith towards each other. Few decades back only a man used to work but now as women”s also work to help their family financially. In some cases men’s ego comes in between or sometimes they suspect on their wives.

Yes! world is developing and India too is developing in business, economics, arts etc. But Indian religion and beliefs are there where it was in past. And we should not forget our past.

There should be understanding amongst couples. They should be friendly and  compatible to each other. They should not be possessive or suspect each other.The only way to be together is to have lots of love and faith among each other. Always ignore the faults and mistakes.

In some cases today people leave each other for their career and high dreams.

Is love enough for marriage?

Are we responsible for our break-ups?

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