Samsara Room – Official Trailer

It’s our 5th anniversary! We just released a remake of Samsara Room for free (no ads/iAPs) on all platforms:


Samsara Room, the praised predecessor to the Rusty Lake universe is completely re-assembled with brand new puzzles, story, graphics and an immersive soundtrack by Victor Butzelaar. Special thanks to Bob Rafferty for his awesome work on the trailer, Johan Scherft for his amazing paintings, Dimphy Padmos for her beautiful new wallpaper design, Ruben Aldenhoven for endless QA checks and big thanks to all our amazing translators who put a lot of hard work into making Samsara Room and all our other titles available in so many languages.

This is our way to thank you for your amazing support these past 5 years ? We hope Samsara Room and our other titles can take your minds off these trying times – stay safe everyone!

Robin & Maarten

PS: We really appreciate your feedback, feel free to leave a review/rating in the stores. Any bugs/glitches? Please let us know at
PS2: All our games (including The White Door) are on 50% sale as well for this week – please check your store!
PS3: One of our next steps is to make nine chapters of the Cube Escape series available on Steam! Expect a small price for this bundle, but this way we can preserve this series for on PC for the foreseeable future! Wishlist now:
PS4: Have you noticed any symbols lately? official trailer


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