Spring Interlude Official Trailer

As two girls go from being friends to maybe something more, one of them encounters a stranger who needs a place to stay the night.

New Zealand International Film Festival writes: “Spring Interlude artfully circles the apparently mundane and haphazard to explore subtext and emotional bonds, and tensions that remain unexpressed. The easy flow and naturalism of the film mask the skilfully choreographed unfolding of scenes, which lead to a perfectly judged final moment.”


Written, Directer & Produced by: Martin Sagadin

Executive Producer: Joshua Jones

Co-Producer: Bonnie Gosnell

Cinematographer: Kirk Pflaum
Editor: Adam-Luka Turjak
Music: Ben Woods
Starring: Alayne Dick, Hannah Herchenbach, Luke Agnew

Ōtautahi, 2019 official trailer


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