Surinder Koli’s death sentence upholded by Supreme Court

The Court has confirmed death sentence to 39-year-old Koli, who has also been punished by the trial court in three other cases of rape and killing of young women and children in Nithari village near Noida.

A Bench of Justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra confirmed the death sentence to 39-year-old Koli. “In our opinion this case falls in the rarest of rare category and no mercy can be shown to him”.
Total of 16 cases were registered against Koli. The case of the Nithari serial killings came to light towards the end of December 2006, following the discovery of human remains from a drain behind Pandher’s house in Noida. A subsequent and thorough search of the drain kept yielding human remains and skeletons for over a week.
At least 18 children were killed and many sexually assaulted in the horrifying serial crime.
The killer should be given his punishment as it is already late. Pandher should also be given punishment he should not let gone for what he has done.
In cases like this judgement should be pass rapidly?
Death sentence is enough for criminals like this?

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