Tamil Movie 2020 | Nadukkam Official Trailer | Chiranjeevi Sarja | Tamil Horror Movie Trailer 2020

Tamil Movie 2020 | Nadukkam Official Trailer | Chiranjeevi Sarja | Tamil Horror Movie Trailer 2020

Starring: Sharmiela Mandre Chiranjeevi Sarja, Achyuth Kumar
Dirctor: K. M. Chaitanya
Music: Gurukiran
Produced By: Vijins Deva

Arjun is an artist, who works in London and is working on illustrations on a book about a real story of a ghost named Maya. On the other side, Sharmila is a single mom and struggling actress, who experiences eerie things in her life. What connects the two?
KM Chaitanya has very stylishly adapted Ashwin Saravanan’s Maya as Aake. What worked for the Tamil original was its gripping narrative and clever screenplay that is like a jigsaw puzzle that falls into place only towards the last half hour. Chaitanya has ensured that he retains the thrill, while also ensuring that the screen time is much lesser than the original.
The film has all the tropes required of a horror film — people walking alone in darkness, headless people and the works. Though, what keeps the viewer engaged is the fact that there are two separate tracks that run parallelly. One is often let wondering what the connection between the two is.
The biggest strength of Aake lies in its technically strong team. From good cinematography to top-class background score, one is ensured of some good frights. What also impresses is how there is no forced comedy track, but there are a few situational laughs that act as relief during tense moments.
Lead actors Chiranjeevi Sarja and Sharmiela Mandre have grown as performers with their characters in this film. It is veteran Prakash Belawadi, though, who is a scream with his antics. Amaan and Sneha Acharya also impress with their roles.
The biggest victory for Aake is the script, which lingers on in one’s mind, in which you try to join the dots even much after the film’s ended. The clever writing aside, watch this if you’re ready to brave some scary moments that send more than just a chill down your spine.

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