Tourist Women’s Unsafe In India!

India’s tourism campaign is called Incredible India. India is a country where foreigners comes in abundance. Foreigners come here to visit our country. In our country foreigners are unsafe and every year many cases are been filed in police stations. The woman, 28, in her complaint at Canacona police station alleged that Okaroafor raped her on Saturday night by spiking her drinks. The woman met him at a party at a resort in Canacona and later spent the night with him in his home near the beach. The woman says that she never consented to sex, said Superintendent of police Allan D’Sa said. A medical examination report of the woman is awaited.
A few months back, there was the case of two NRI girls being attacked in Mumbai near the J.W.Marriott Hotel.

The tragic case of rape and murder of a young British girl Scarlett Keeling in Goa, which the Indian police initially tried to cover up stating that she drowned after taking drugs. It was only after the 15-year-old girl’s mother raised hell that a second autopsy was conducted and the truth about the teenager’s rape and murder came to light.

In India, stealing of passport of foreigners from luggage on trains and buses is widespread. There are also taxi scams present in India where a foreign traveler, who is not aware of the locations around Indian airports, is taken for a ride round the whole airport and charged for full-fare taxi ride while the terminal is only few hundred yards away.
Just as any other Country the Cities in India are safe mostly but there are some remote places it may not be so. But an average Indian gives respect to Women much better than other Countries. Villages and rural areas are most safe for every one in India.

How much Foreigners are safe in our country?

Do people believe in ‘Aththi Devo Bhavah”?

1 thought on “Tourist Women’s Unsafe In India!

  1. How safe is Italy for foreigners? One of my friend was saved from getting killed. Thank god. Many Indians are getting attacks in Italy. No one talks about it?
    How safe is US after 8 O clock in the evening?
    India is much safer in my opinion.

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